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Infrared Temperature Measurement in Paint Curing with Pyro Nouple and Pyro Mini Infrared Temperature Sensors (910k)

Chocolate & Toffee Manufacture using IR Thermometry (64k)

Emissivity Table (90k)

Temperature Monitoring in Flour Milling with the Pyro Bus Infrared Temperature Sensor (1914k)

Measuring Hot Food Product Temperature Through Glass Jars using the Pyro USB 2.2 infrared temperature sensor (659k)

Measuring Gas Cylinder Temperature During Filling with Pyro Couple and Pyro Bus infrared temperature sensors (755k)

Determination of Heat Loss from Pipes and Flat Surfaces (131k)

Infrared Pyrometry in the Glass Industry (96k)


Non-Contact Measurements in Tyre Manufacturing using the PyroCouple infrared temperature sensor (541k)

Plastic Temperature Measurement using Infrared Thermometers (116k)

Improving Product Quality in Printing and Graphic Arts (962k)

Reflected Energy Compensation (129k)

Infrared Temperature Sensor for Food Applications with Right Angled Sensing Head and Protective Plastic Window (489k)

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement in the Textile and Paper Industry (107k)